The first part of our naming, the word “OZE” is a wordplay on the French verb “Oser” which means “To dare”. This reflects our mindset going through our projects and finds all its meaning in the second part of our naming. “La Com Atypique” which refers to the unconventional ways we tackle the communication challenges.  As a multi-channel communication agency, Ozé La Com Atypique cultivates its difference thanks to its core business, consulting and strategic planning, as well as its simplified organization which is divided into 4 areas of expertise perfectly working together: communication, events, public relations and digital.

Ozé La Com Atypique is a single point of contact, a global response to all your communication needs and a winning partnership!


Our philosophy is a simple reflection around desire. Granted, it’s a daring philosophy, but it’s normal to us, we are daring (Ozé) and unconventional (Atypique). Why desire? Because it is the basis of all human relationships. There are words and ideas, results and emotions in desire.


We thrive in one word: TRANSVERSALITY.

We have already started the race for new communication standars with a multi-channel organization and a marketing mix at the crossroads of 3 approaches: relational, experiential and transactional.
As our digital director would say: a phygital mix (physical + digital), which will strengthen the brand experience for consumers who are increasingly connected and looking for unique experiences to live and share.